Pharmaceutical & Chemistry Industry, Food Industry
Automotive Industry & Energy
Banking & Insurance

The Adiutum consultants have many years of experience in Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences industry. Therefore they are used to work in regulated environment & in strongly documented & controlled IT Infrastructures.
To solve dynamic business & technological challenges, it's crucial to implement systems that automate & manage critical business processes such as forecasting demand, scheduling delivery, providing service & billing. The energy & utilities sectors must leverage industry expertise with innovative technology to achieve increased market share and a measurable Return-On-Investment.
The finance sector is very sensitive to security & complexity of infrastructure with numerous small & medium remote sites connected to a central infrastructure
Innovation is at the heart of the development of the chemical industry. Research teams & other key players in this field require best-in-class Information & Communication Technologies as well as user support on-site & remote.
The world of food & beverage industry moves fast. New products, manufacturing best practices, new equipment & ingredients, new channels to advertise & for distribution : digitalization changes all areas of life. The massive power of digitalization – the great opportunities & great risks – is changing business models daily. All these changes are supported by exciting big IT projects.
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