Your career

An entire team at the service of your career

We are our consultants’ career officers

At Adiutum, we offer an experience that is focused on professional fulfilment because our goal is to build long-term relationships with our consultants.

This is why we offer all our employees contractual stability (100% permanent contracts), personalised career guidance as well as monitoring, and training and continuous development opportunities adapted to each individual.

We also offer great intellectual flexibility in terms of activity sectors, assignments and technologies, helping you build a stable and rewarding career that meets your expectations.

Personalised career monitoring

Monthly operational monitoring
You will be supported by your Business Manager throughout the duration of your project. He or she will carry out a monthly follow-up with both the client and the consultant. The aim of this follow-up is to monitor the project’s progress, take stock of your needs, and ensure your well-being as well as your skills development. Depending on the conclusions of this follow-up, personalised coaching or training can be set up.
Quarterly career monitoring
Once you join us, you will receive the support of our HR team members who will carry out a quarterly follow-up with you. The aim of this follow-up is to focus on the realisation and development of your career plan. Our teams will help you define the direction you wish to give to your career and set objectives to be achieved and skills to be acquired. They will also liaise with the sales team, adapting their search for opportunities according to your needs.

Continuous training

The development of your skills is essential for your professional well-being and the advancement of your career

At Adiutum, whether you want to develop technical, managerial or behavioural skills or validate prior learning, we provide you with training and certification so that your skills match your ambitions.

We also place great value on collaboration within our teams. This is why we have created an internal training centre, the Adiutum Validation Academy. Taught by experienced consultants who are keen to pass on their knowledge, AVA training courses allow young graduates to become familiar with diverse sectors, understand the issues at stake and discover various methods and techniques.

A career as a consultant is possible!

Our consultants’ development is one of the pillars of our management strategy

We do our utmost to give you the means to take charge of your career direction. Whether you’re interested in acquiring technical skills to become an expert, hierarchical skills to become a team leader or management skills to head a project, you decide your focus. 

At Adiutum, we do not believe in grids, mandatory years of experience, or competence by age or degree. We believe in merit, hard work and motivation.

Why join us?

Contractual stability

100% of our employees have permanent contracts with annual appraisals within a group that has been growing for 15 years

Intellectual variety

More than 500 clients in Europe, including 80 in Belgium, in varied, innovative and high-performance sectors

Smaller teams

A maximum of 15 consultants managed by a Business Manager and a Talent Acquisition Manager for personalised monitoring

International opportunities

50 agencies in 11 European countries working together to provide as many opportunities as possible for our consultants

Security and employability

Thanks to large sales teams, strong partners, dynamic sectors and varied clients